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I know who I am;
A son of God,
A success not a failure.
Made in the image of the father,
Fearfully and wonderfully made.

I know who I am.
I am a gallery of testimonies.
Greatness flows in me,
A temple of the almighty,
An ambassador for Christ.

I know who I am,
The apple of God’s eye,
A carrier of his presence,
A manifestation of his beauty,
An expression of his majesty.

I know who I am,
The head and not the tail,
Destined to reign and not to fail,
Protected by the shield of faith,
I can never fail.

I know who I am,
A free-servant of God,
Embedded with treasures of divine glory,
A light that must illuminate lives,
His holiness resides within me.

I know who I am,
I am who God says I am,
I am not who they say I am,
I am a vessel unto honour,
A pillar in my fathers’s house.

I know who I am,
Seed of Abraham,
Filled with joy unspeakable,
His grace flows in me,
I am a new creation

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Posted by Abah Linson Igoche



He is the genesis of my beginning,
He gave me a great beginning,
Every morning, He showers me with blessings.
Oh my soul, praise Jehovah Jerry.
Great provider, my soul you keep feeding.
Your holy word will I keep eating,
Genesis to revelation, will I keep reading.
I am glad, cause the holy spirit keeps teaching.

With my sins bleeding,
To the cross I came running.
On my knees; kneeling,
All my heart was I pouring.
You reached for me and touched me
With your hands; what a great feeling.
All my past, you have forgotten.
By your stripes, I received my healing.
Now I have been commissioned to go
Preaching, healing and giving to the forsaken.
Telling them about the beginning,
Who was in the beginning
And who is the beginning,
The very origin of all beginnings.

The one who left divinity,
To save humanity,
Passing through a woman with virginity.
Hence showing God’s Love,
To this corrupt entity; me, a mortal body.
Oh, great joy,
I can now enter eternity,
I’ll see his majesty,
Singing holy! Holy!! Holy!!!.
I don’t wanna be in hell screaming,
Holding my head, running
From demons, that come tormenting.
With no mercy,
They feed me with brimstone when I’m hungry,
With fire when I’m thirty.

Oh heaven! Send me Augustine,
Let him give me a drop of water, quickly.
No delay, I’m dying
I’m pleading
Send Roslyn to my family,
In the land of the living.
I don’t want them here,
Where your wrath breathes.
Message to the living,
You can do what’s befitting.
You can go clubbing, fighting
Drinking and killing.
Pay deaf ear to the teacher’s teachings;
Very soon, you will leave this body,
And stand before his majesty.
Then will you remember that there is a word
Called accountability-
When you start accounting for your deeds.
God have mercy!
Will you be crying.
(God less the living)

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Posted by Abah Linson Igoche


I’ve been here before, 
I’ve felt this way before, 
I know what this feeling means, 
I’ve seen this before, 
this is not something new; 
Everything here is familiar, 
I know I’ve been here before.

The world has stopped moving, 
My Sun has lost its light,
My moon can shine no more, 
My stars have fallen from the sky, 
My world is void, darkness has swallowed me- 
wrapping me in its hands, 
My head is heavy- darkness is weighing me down, 
I know I’ve been here before.

The iced hands of fear have encapsulated me, 
I’ve been thrown from the mountains – falling down, 
I wish the wind could catch me, hold me, 
And say son, everything is alright, 
And give me a shelter in its baseless home. 
But that is not happening, 
oh! No! I’m still falling, 
I’ve been here before.

That’s failure staring at me, 
like a grave in the valley of doom, 
With its mouth wide open, 
blood dripping from his mouth, 
and its spear-like teeth ready to tear me apart, 
Will my bones be among those ugly things I see from afar? 
O yea! I’ve been here before.

The fire in me is burning out, 
The air I breath has stopped coming, 
The beat of my heart has slowed down like a tired horse. 
I no more feel myself, 
My eyes can no longer see, 
Death is standing right in my front like a gate of iron, 
It’s going to split me into two – body and soul, 
I can’t see him, Neither can I feel him, 
I know this, Because I’ve been here before.

The fire in me reignited, 
 Sheltered in the hands of a warm embrace, 
The life in me revived, 
My soul and body now one, 
A fresh breath of life running through my nostrils, 
I’m no longer falling, 
I can feel the peace around me. 
My eyes now wide open, 
I’m surrounded by brightness, 
Right before my eyes, 
was the brightest light of all, 
 I’ve been  here before.

Jesus was right there, 
In the darkest deep, 
In the valley of doom, 
While I was relying on my strength to survive hell. 
He was watching, 
When death clothed me, 
Even when fear encapsulated me. 
He has always been here, I know this,
Because I’ve been here before.

(Jesus thank you for always being there – 
when I needed you the most. 
I’m grateful for the love you have 
continued to show me unconditionally.)

when I was weak, you were my strength.

when I was down, you lifted me.
I gave up, you took me up.
 I lost control, you took the wheel. 
I slumber, you watched over me.
 I was unfaithful, you remained faithful.
 I despaired, you gave me courage.
 I cried, you dried my tears.
I messed up, you cleaned my mess up.
Thank heavenly father.

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I can vividly remember how your life changed for good. Was it not that job as a security man in one of the oil companies in Lagos? Now you have a house and a car. You spend money like a farmer weeds grass from his farm. All they ladies in town are fond of your money, not you… But that doesn’t matter to you now. You were in London last month, and now you are in New York, just having fun. I heard that you have divorced your wife, and she is now living in her father’s house, with your three children.
Have you forgotten how she fed, clothed and housed you? She lied to her parents on many occasions, just to put food on your table. The little money she earned as a sales girl,  all went into the bottomless pocket of those who promised you Job. if you have forgotten, let me refresh your memory, because of you, she lost that same job.

You were sick, vomiting all forms of liquid out of your stomach – you nearly vomited your intestines, she couldn’t leave you alone at home, not knowing what might happen to you. Like an Angel, she cleaned your mess, cleaned you up and took you to the hospital. She couldn’t go to work that day, and she was fired the following day. After your recovery, you were busy singing her praise like a bee, you said she was an angel from heaven. Yes! she was.

Do you remember that old man who sold his old car and gave you the money to start a business? (you wasted the money). I’m sure, you can never forget him. He died last month, I was at his funeral. The whole of my being was disappointed. If anybody was to be absent, it shouldn’t be you. He gave you life, he stood by you even when your sick mum said you were worthless – her soul rest in peace. He sold some part of his father’s land, just to enable you finish your degree. I’m talking about your father. If he have the chance, I’m convinced that his only burning desire is to visit you every night, and give you ten lashes of koboko, just to remind you of the ethics with which he brought you up.

I have a good news for you. your ex-wife has not remarried. I also have a bitter bad news for you, two of your children died last year in an auto crash. The only surviving child is a girl, and she has sworn never to recognize you as her father.

You have rewritten the destiny God personally wrote and gave you. Just look at your life, I can’t believe you wasted it so easily. Very soon, those drugs will fail to sustain you, and your big belly will deflate like a balloon that has been pricked with a needle. Those two cheeks will shrink, like those of your dad, before he died of dehydration – you could have extended his days on earth if you fed him well. God bless his soul. As Africans, we take pride in growing old and dying on our bed, with the assurance that our children will be there to cry over our body, and most importantly, give us a befitting burial. Yours will be the contrary of our said pride, your poor dads burial will be that of a king, when compared with what lies ahead of you- doom and shame.

Luciana died last year, her mother told me so. She died after trying to hide her HIV result in vain. She committed suicide. You tried hard to feed me with lies concerning your heath, and you succeeded. But the thread of lies you used in stitching my eyes broke into pieces, when I got to know about the cause of Luciana’s death. I weep for the destinies of the innocent girls, that have taken her place, as your lover.
You are heartless. You shouldn’t destroy poor lives, you personally destroyed yours. Do not take anymore your revenge on innocent bodies. Pray to God diligently, you still have a chance to be with him.
Rest in peace, in advance.

From your brother in this battle field (life)


Here she comes,
Shining like the sun,
Brighter than the stars,
Her scent; pleasant than roses.
I’m taking her tonight.

The men are going crazy over her,
What a pair of elegant leg,
In that beautiful heels;
She walks in beauty.
she’s coming with me tonight.

Lips, sweater than honey;
I die inside, each time she stares
at me, with those blue eyes,
My legs can’t hold me either.
That’s what her man says;
But she’s mine tonight.

Here you are; standing with me,
Separated from that beautiful body.
Beautiful lady! where are we going to night?
Hotel up-town or down-town?
I’m glad, having you tonight.

what’s that cry?
Oh! your lovers are crying,
They want you back,
But that’s not happening.
Beautiful lady! those tears
Can’t save you from me tonight.

Remember Johny? oh! the kisses,
His hands beneath your skin,
his hands on your two tender fountains;
Spreading that sensation you love so much.
I’ll do that to night.

She’s gone! Beautiful lady!
Can you hear them?
Your lovers want to hear you moan again;
When they go between your thighs.
That’s not happening tonight.

Oh, Beautiful lady!
The taste of your sacred place,
The taste of those two fountains,
The taste of those lips;
No one will get tonight.

Beautiful lady!
I should have given you a chance,
To say bye to your lovers,
But I couldn’t wait.
It’s unfortunate, that you are
never going back to that beautiful body again.
Beautiful lady, welcome home.

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I’ve always been there for you;
Though I wasn’t always there for you.
You’re a wonderful gift from God;
Though I never showed you how wonderful
You are.

I’m the richest mum on earth;
silver, gold and diamond,
Have I none. You alone,
Do I have.

I’m the proudest mum,
This I know alone;
Many see me as too humble.
Now I can gladly die,
Submitting into his hands;
knowing you will be there,
Crying over my body.

Even as I breath this filthy air,
For the last time; this message,
I must drop for you.
I wish I could stay a little longer;
but this call, I must answer.

Dear son.. Dear son..
They light of my world,
The jewelry of my life,
The pride of my life.

Dear son… Deat son…
As I close this weary eyes,
In this darkness,
Joy flows in me,
cos you gave me a reason to die;
Dying without fear.

Cry if you can,
Shout if you can,
scream, so that the whole world
Can hear you.
Mum is gone; but. thus life must go on.

Be great,
Achieve success and
Make it your companion,
Till death do you path.
I love you, dear son.


When I see my father again,
Oh! great joy.
Will I run into his arms, or
Stand waiting for him to reach me?
Oh! overwhelming joy.

Will it be in death;
When I leave this corrupt body?
I wait patiently for that day,
What a beautiful day.

Seeing you face to face,
No memories of betrayal,
No traces of pain,
Dwelling in total holiness,
What a great joy.

Will it be when you come,
Shining from the sky,
With the sounds of thunderous trumpets,
Calling unto me.
In great joy and happiness,
Will I leave this body,
Reaching for you.

In this new incorruptible body,
Will I remain.
Singing songs, hallelujah.
Oh! great joy.

All my past gone.
All my pains gone.
All my sorrows gone.
Flying into the sky
Or walking through death to meet you.
Till I see my father again


When terror had It’s grip on me; Snapping this life out of me, Separating my soul from this body, Gasping in pain-
All I did was to call Jesus.

Oh mountains high, Here am I, in the valley,
Chained with red strings of depression,
Fear tearing my heart apart.
How can I get to the top?
All I did, was to call Jesus.

An island, far in the desert, Rejected by all. Loneliness has become my companion,
Taking this little breath out of me,
Here death comes, running;
All I did, was to call Jesus.

In humiliation, shame and disgrace, They won’t let me be.
A perfect sacrifice I am,
My blood must flow over their alter,
All I did, was to call Jesus.

Each time I called, Even with trembling faith;
He still answers me.
Now I know what to do,
Even when I am faced with the impossible. Just call Jesus.