Here she comes,
Shining like the sun,
Brighter than the stars,
Her scent; pleasant than roses.
I’m taking her tonight.

The men are going crazy over her,
What a pair of elegant leg,
In that beautiful heels;
She walks in beauty.
she’s coming with me tonight.

Lips, sweater than honey;
I die inside, each time she stares
at me, with those blue eyes,
My legs can’t hold me either.
That’s what her man says;
But she’s mine tonight.

Here you are; standing with me,
Separated from that beautiful body.
Beautiful lady! where are we going to night?
Hotel up-town or down-town?
I’m glad, having you tonight.

what’s that cry?
Oh! your lovers are crying,
They want you back,
But that’s not happening.
Beautiful lady! those tears
Can’t save you from me tonight.

Remember Johny? oh! the kisses,
His hands beneath your skin,
his hands on your two tender fountains;
Spreading that sensation you love so much.
I’ll do that to night.

She’s gone! Beautiful lady!
Can you hear them?
Your lovers want to hear you moan again;
When they go between your thighs.
That’s not happening tonight.

Oh, Beautiful lady!
The taste of your sacred place,
The taste of those two fountains,
The taste of those lips;
No one will get tonight.

Beautiful lady!
I should have given you a chance,
To say bye to your lovers,
But I couldn’t wait.
It’s unfortunate, that you are
never going back to that beautiful body again.
Beautiful lady, welcome home.

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