I’ve always been there for you;
Though I wasn’t always there for you.
You’re a wonderful gift from God;
Though I never showed you how wonderful
You are.

I’m the richest mum on earth;
silver, gold and diamond,
Have I none. You alone,
Do I have.

I’m the proudest mum,
This I know alone;
Many see me as too humble.
Now I can gladly die,
Submitting into his hands;
knowing you will be there,
Crying over my body.

Even as I breath this filthy air,
For the last time; this message,
I must drop for you.
I wish I could stay a little longer;
but this call, I must answer.

Dear son.. Dear son..
They light of my world,
The jewelry of my life,
The pride of my life.

Dear son… Deat son…
As I close this weary eyes,
In this darkness,
Joy flows in me,
cos you gave me a reason to die;
Dying without fear.

Cry if you can,
Shout if you can,
scream, so that the whole world
Can hear you.
Mum is gone; but. thus life must go on.

Be great,
Achieve success and
Make it your companion,
Till death do you path.
I love you, dear son.


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