When I see my father again,
Oh! great joy.
Will I run into his arms, or
Stand waiting for him to reach me?
Oh! overwhelming joy.

Will it be in death;
When I leave this corrupt body?
I wait patiently for that day,
What a beautiful day.

Seeing you face to face,
No memories of betrayal,
No traces of pain,
Dwelling in total holiness,
What a great joy.

Will it be when you come,
Shining from the sky,
With the sounds of thunderous trumpets,
Calling unto me.
In great joy and happiness,
Will I leave this body,
Reaching for you.

In this new incorruptible body,
Will I remain.
Singing songs, hallelujah.
Oh! great joy.

All my past gone.
All my pains gone.
All my sorrows gone.
Flying into the sky
Or walking through death to meet you.
Till I see my father again


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