I’ve been here before, 
I’ve felt this way before, 
I know what this feeling means, 
I’ve seen this before, 
this is not something new; 
Everything here is familiar, 
I know I’ve been here before.

The world has stopped moving, 
My Sun has lost its light,
My moon can shine no more, 
My stars have fallen from the sky, 
My world is void, darkness has swallowed me- 
wrapping me in its hands, 
My head is heavy- darkness is weighing me down, 
I know I’ve been here before.

The iced hands of fear have encapsulated me, 
I’ve been thrown from the mountains – falling down, 
I wish the wind could catch me, hold me, 
And say son, everything is alright, 
And give me a shelter in its baseless home. 
But that is not happening, 
oh! No! I’m still falling, 
I’ve been here before.

That’s failure staring at me, 
like a grave in the valley of doom, 
With its mouth wide open, 
blood dripping from his mouth, 
and its spear-like teeth ready to tear me apart, 
Will my bones be among those ugly things I see from afar? 
O yea! I’ve been here before.

The fire in me is burning out, 
The air I breath has stopped coming, 
The beat of my heart has slowed down like a tired horse. 
I no more feel myself, 
My eyes can no longer see, 
Death is standing right in my front like a gate of iron, 
It’s going to split me into two – body and soul, 
I can’t see him, Neither can I feel him, 
I know this, Because I’ve been here before.

The fire in me reignited, 
 Sheltered in the hands of a warm embrace, 
The life in me revived, 
My soul and body now one, 
A fresh breath of life running through my nostrils, 
I’m no longer falling, 
I can feel the peace around me. 
My eyes now wide open, 
I’m surrounded by brightness, 
Right before my eyes, 
was the brightest light of all, 
 I’ve been  here before.

Jesus was right there, 
In the darkest deep, 
In the valley of doom, 
While I was relying on my strength to survive hell. 
He was watching, 
When death clothed me, 
Even when fear encapsulated me. 
He has always been here, I know this,
Because I’ve been here before.

(Jesus thank you for always being there – 
when I needed you the most. 
I’m grateful for the love you have 
continued to show me unconditionally.)

when I was weak, you were my strength.

when I was down, you lifted me.
I gave up, you took me up.
 I lost control, you took the wheel. 
I slumber, you watched over me.
 I was unfaithful, you remained faithful.
 I despaired, you gave me courage.
 I cried, you dried my tears.
I messed up, you cleaned my mess up.
Thank heavenly father.

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