He is the genesis of my beginning,
He gave me a great beginning,
Every morning, He showers me with blessings.
Oh my soul, praise Jehovah Jerry.
Great provider, my soul you keep feeding.
Your holy word will I keep eating,
Genesis to revelation, will I keep reading.
I am glad, cause the holy spirit keeps teaching.

With my sins bleeding,
To the cross I came running.
On my knees; kneeling,
All my heart was I pouring.
You reached for me and touched me
With your hands; what a great feeling.
All my past, you have forgotten.
By your stripes, I received my healing.
Now I have been commissioned to go
Preaching, healing and giving to the forsaken.
Telling them about the beginning,
Who was in the beginning
And who is the beginning,
The very origin of all beginnings.

The one who left divinity,
To save humanity,
Passing through a woman with virginity.
Hence showing God’s Love,
To this corrupt entity; me, a mortal body.
Oh, great joy,
I can now enter eternity,
I’ll see his majesty,
Singing holy! Holy!! Holy!!!.
I don’t wanna be in hell screaming,
Holding my head, running
From demons, that come tormenting.
With no mercy,
They feed me with brimstone when I’m hungry,
With fire when I’m thirty.

Oh heaven! Send me Augustine,
Let him give me a drop of water, quickly.
No delay, I’m dying
I’m pleading
Send Roslyn to my family,
In the land of the living.
I don’t want them here,
Where your wrath breathes.
Message to the living,
You can do what’s befitting.
You can go clubbing, fighting
Drinking and killing.
Pay deaf ear to the teacher’s teachings;
Very soon, you will leave this body,
And stand before his majesty.
Then will you remember that there is a word
Called accountability-
When you start accounting for your deeds.
God have mercy!
Will you be crying.
(God less the living)

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Posted by Abah Linson Igoche


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