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Today, I had it on mind to write something inspiring, something that will make you believe that it is not over and move you to take a positive step. I had barely written a paragraph and was on the second one before my cousin called me to help her with her assignment. She was told to write Roman numerals from thirty to fifty ( her assignment for last was to write Roman numerals from one to twenty), we had barely started before my uncle came over and decided to take over.

I couldn’t get back to what I was writing immediately, so I decided to catch some rest.

Voices calling from outside: mama Joy! ( not real name) mama Joy! Mr. Johnson is dead.

Mama Joy: you don’t mean it. When? how? What happened?……
( with tears in their eyes and songs of sorrow on their lips, the hurriedly left for Mr. Johnson’s house, to share the pains of his wife and children)

So, the next few dark lines are dedicated to all those who have lost their friends, father, mother, relatives, spouse, loved ones and etc.

Death! Your cold hands have encapsulated my heart,
I seek for freedom from your grip,
But your deeds keep drowning me in tears.

Happiness is a stranger to my soul,
Smiles can’t be seen around,
And Laughter is dead.

The rain can’t wash away my tears,
The sun can’t dry them either;
It will be like tossing a piece of red-hot
charcoal into an ocean.

You have stolen reality from me,
Memories are all I have left.
Death! What was my crime?

Is it a crime to love?
Answer me!
I don’t get it. Why?
Why did you do this?

Just a second chance,
That’s all I ask for.
John, Rose, grandpa and Julie,
I want to see them for a second.
Just a second.

I know you won’t do it,
You are only good at taking,
And I know you never get satisfied.
You are like the rich man,
Who never gets tired of stealing from the poor.

May God bless the departed souls,
And protect the living.

Do not get drown in your tears and do not give up. You are still alive because you are very important and have a positive mission to accomplish. So, shake it off and move on.

With love from my heart.

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I don’t know why I’m writing this; is it because I miss my mother or because I want to tell the world what she meant to me?. Maybe It’s because I can’t just get over her death.

My mum was the best mother in the world. She never gave me a life that the world considers to be the best, but I have come to realize that what she gave me is only second to none; she paid the highest price.

There are over a million reasons why I miss my mum, but I will only list five of them here. You can also add yours if you want to.

1. The very day my mum died, I lost something – her protection.
Before her demise, there was always someone to run to in times of trouble, and someone to stand for me and protect me when disaster comes my way. That someone is my Mother. Mum you are always on my mind, I miss you.

2. She was my provider. Yes! My provider. Be it food, clothe, shoe or money, she always make sure I get what she think is right for me (not what I think is right for me). She was not rich (not even in the middle class), but she was satisfied with with she had – and out of it she gave me the best. I miss you mum.

3. She was my best friend. Nobody! Nobody has taken her place after thirteen years. I can tell her how I feel, vent my anger on her, run out of the house and come back to her, share my secrets with her without fear and rely on her for the best advice.

She would scold me when I go wrong, flog me with the one hand (when It’s necessary) and draw me closer with the other. She was my best friend, I miss her friendship.

4. I always come first. She never told me and nobody did, but sitting here today and looking at all the decisions she took yesterday, I can now see that everything was about my tomorrow. I really miss those days that everything was about me.

5. She was the definition of love to me. I don’t know how to put it, but I do know that out of that bright dark lovely woman, love flooded out and swept me into its ocean – It’s very heart. There is no other love like yours mum, I miss it, I miss you.

Feel free to add yours in the comment box below.

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Posted by Abah Linson Igoche