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Wisdom is for the aged, knowledge for the children and creativity for the youth.

Are the aged people in Africa wise? Is wisdom a virtue the harness towards the betterment of all, or a tool in causing havoc?
If the aged in Africa are wise, they will not group up to siphon public funds. If they are wise, they will resign when their efforts are unproductive; they will not teach their children how to hate another tribe; they will not embrace criminals and hurt those who shout foul; they will not hold unto power, as if their lives depend on it. Wisdom dictates that justice should reign and iniquity trapped outside our walls, but is this the reality amidst us? When a people (the aged) fail to learn from history, it is evidence that there is a deficiency in wisdom.

If Africa must triumph, the aged must decide and act wisely. Selfishness, ethnocentrism and corruption must not be virtues synonymous with us.

Africa has failed woefully to build and nourish the life line of its survival, the children. Presently, according to reports from UNESCO, there are over 30 million out of school children in sub-saharan africa. Most of them will never start school and those who do are at the risk of dropping out.
Build good schools, provide the needed infrastructure and pass the knowledge effectively to the children. End Child marriage, it is a cruel crime against childhood. Stop child labour, it reduces their sense of reasoning and responsibility.
The major role player in this is the government, and it must rise to its responsibility. Africa starves from creativity, and to change that, a massive investment in education is urgently needed.

Education should be free, we need it and we can do it. Invest in education, save the children and the future.

This is my enclave in africa. Youths are the engine that keeps this continent moving. If they fail this continent will crash. Every African youth must understand that the problems around us, can only be solved by us. If we ignore them, they will grow old with us and become more unbearable, by then we will be aged and unproductive.
Every youth can do something, from South Africa to Kenya, from Ghana to Nigeria, we must all act. this continent needs solution machines, better still, problem solvers, and I know that we are up to the task, only if there is the will to succeed.
Poor educational background and synonymity with impossibilities has drained the thinking capacity of many African youths. My hope is on the few that have acquired immeasurable knowledge, and I expect them to create the atmosphere for miracles – man made miracles.

We need to start building a work force that is resistant to terrorism, failure, impossibilities, corruption, inefficiency, mismanagement and lootery. Wisdom, Knowledge and Creativity – the way out.

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The habit of eating cake in this country is ravaging and destroying the dreams of my generation. Sincerely speaking, cakes are not eaten in this country anymore, they are swallowed; hot, cold, big, small, leftovers, fresh, liquid and solid.


where is our share of the national cake?
where is our share of the national cake?

Cakes are synonymous with festivities and celebrations, especially wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. In most cases, the size of the cake depends on the purpose for which it is to be used. Cake for individual consumption (the type parents buy for their children) is usually small in size, while the one used during festivities is big. The size of the cake also depends on the financial buoyancy of the celebrant(s) or individuals preference, while Mr. A likes a three-step cake Mr. B may prefer a cake modeled after the Lagos national theatre.

At the end, no matter the size, color, taste, design and make of the cake. It will be sliced, chewed and ingurgitated down the throat by well wishers, friends, family members, invited and uninvited guest, accompanied by a glass of wine or bottle of mineral.

Before Nigeria got its independence in 1960, the colonial masters discovered an unusual oven in the Niger delta and started baking cakes from there. The cakes baked from this oven are supposed to be distributed among all Nigerians, but what we have seen so far has been the mass diversion, disappearance (in billions) and abundant theft of cakes. Nobody has been able to put a stop to this madness, better still, nobody is willing to end this madness, because someone somewhere wants his own unconstitutional share of the cake.

If the man from the east stole billions of cakes; the man from the west diverted trillions of cakes and another billions of cakes disappeared under the watch of the man from the south; the man from the north wants a million valid reasons why he should not eat or swallow cakes (hot and cold) while the stock last.

Born in the early 1990’s, my experience and that of my generation grew more crude and cruel as each day passes by. Before my generation are two generations; one, armed with guns and the other, with pens.

The gun generation we were told is brutal, a bitter criminal, dumb thief and insane dictator, and should give the pen generation a chance. The gun generation stole billions of cakes, exported them to foreign countries (one super power recently seized some of those cakes). Like a sweet nightmare in the year 1999, the pen generation had the chance to make things right, but it decided to queue behind a man from the gun generation because he now parades himself in “AGBADA”.

Ever since the inception of “AGBADARISM”, cakes evolved. They now have wings and fly like hell out of banks. Yes! Banks are the depository for cakes in my country, and to surprise you, millions of cakes fly out of there (banks), every second like a dream.
Some cakes now have ODESHI (a charm believed to makes things invincible), they do not need to fly, as it takes too much time to do that, they just vanish. Wow! Great evolution! Poor Nigerians (ordinary Nigerians) are allergic to cakes, so they (cakes) do not bother to appear in their (ordinary Nigerians) houses; they appear massively in the houses of the BIG MEN and the UNTOUCHABLES.

Some members of the pen generation wrote against the corruption, stealing, looting and glitch of the “ogas at the top”, but lost their pen when trucks of refined cakes started appearing in their houses. Others vanished to foreign countries when bags of cakes got delivered to their rooms. After silencing some funny fighters, the level of impunity grew astronomically, and is still growing. Our heart is with all those who fought fearlessly for our sake and the future of Nigeria, but lost their lives doing so, and all those still alive we have the insatiable desire to keep drinking from your stream of knowledge and experience.

The two generations before my generation have shown the rest of the world how dark, cruel, hellish and brutal their sense of reasoning is. I hide in shame when I look back at the stinky level of theft exhibited just yesterday and the years beyond. I do not for any reason; understand why two generations will take this great but abused nation into hell on earth.

My generation has seen nothing but a total denial of excellent, good, blessing and freedom. Those words do not exist as long as our experience is concerned. I and my generation still do not understand why a cake should be national, but since it is, a valid explanation for its monopoly by some group of individuals nick named “the Cabal” is urgently needed.

We (my generation) want the cakes of this country to start vanishing and appearing in forms of good roads, hospitals, stable electricity, schools, clean water, affordable transport system and houses. This is our share of the national cake, this is what we want. We do not want cakes disguised as sachet of salt, bags of rice, umbrellas and packs of Maggi during election campaigns.

The habit of eating cake in this country is ravaging and destroying the dreams of my generation. Sincerely speaking, cakes are not eaten in this country anymore, they are swallowed; hot, cold, big, small, leftovers, fresh, liquid and solid.

The Nigeria we dream of is one where our sisters can never be kidnapped and our brothers slaughtered massively; a Nigeria where dreams do not die; where “we no dey carry last”; where we will not be tagged as corrupt or potential terrorist outside our country and a Nigeria were the stream of creativity swells.

A Nigeria where our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends will no longer die from curable diseases; where government officials no longer go abroad for medical checkups; where students will have no reason to protest, as school fees will not be climbing mountain Kilimanjaro. Our dream is of a Nigeria where ASUU and its allies will be known for their innovations, rather than the present quest to be the only union that goes on strike every year; a Nigeria where immunity is no ones bodyguard; where children get quality education; where transparency, accountability and equity reigns. All these are our share of the national cake.

Where is our share of the national cake?

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AFRICAN CHILD DAY: #ChildrenAreNotSlaves

As the african child day is celebrated all over africa today, I gladly join millions of people who have left their various responsibilities to mark this great day.
The reality of the hell in which millions of african children find themselves today has forced me into writing this article.

The african child has been alienated by persons who have willingly accepted the responsibility to build, feed, educate and unconditionally care-for, untill he/she comes of age to be independent. The enormity of the hell in which the African child lives in, has yielded nothing, but stinking poverty, mass maternity death, illiteracy, militancy and an acute brain damage.

Children all over africa sleep-hell, breathe-hell, eat-hell, drink-hell and live hell. Thousands are raped every month, millions have no shelter, millions die from curable diseases, millions go to bed hungry everyday and millions are dying in illiteracy.

The government in africa has woefully failed in its responsibility to protect the african child. The level at which children, mostly girls are trafficked out of africa will only prompt one to say that the government has willingly given the perpetrators of this madness a free hand to go on. Africa is known to have loose borders within itself (for trade reasons, but this have been abused immensely, and the results unpleasant – talk of terrorism), which has created the easy route for the trafficking of vulnerable children out of their homeland into slavery.

One in three children in Africa that are enrolled in school drop out of primary education. This children are in turn married out, forced to hawk on the streets, given out as house-maids, raped and exposed to the unimaginable hash reality of life. The generation of Africans that first got educated, paid no dime and most of them were forced into school. It is ironical that the same generation took over power from the colonial masters and under their watch the cost of education ran up, without looking back, like when Bolt is trying to break his own record.

The view of many Africans towards what many people call ‘western education’ (although it is not western), is the major reason why some parents will never send their children to school even when they have the money to do so. The african culture has been alienated, insulted and trampled beneath the feet of modernization; this injustice must stop and our culture should be integrated into our educational system – there is always room for modernization, ours should not die along the line, our stories must be told by us till eternity.

Children are meant to enjoy freedom, fly on the wings of childhood, take shield in their families and feel the love that comes with parenthood, but the tales coming from our homeland defies all these. Africa must step up the fight against child marriage, child trafficking, rape, high cost of education, poor infrastructure and corruption to help build and transform children into an effective workforce that creates and multiplies ( not eat) wealth.

God bless Africa.
God bless the African Child.

Abah Linson Igoche

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She is a star and must shine,

Brighter than the sun.

She is the reason for every smile

and the light of our world.


We must protect her.

Child marriage is a crime against childhood,

and it must stop.

It’s her right to experience the joy of childhood.


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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I sincerely appreciate the good will messages I received (and still receiving) from you all as I mark my birthday today. My earnest gratitude goes to those who called (including those that remembered but couldn’t call); posted on my Facebook timeline and those that messaged me. It will also be unfair of me to forget Google, as it changed its homepage logo to that of birthday cakes (in pictures), coupled with a “Hapi birthday” (Yes, in Pidgin) message to mark my day as I logged in.


Its disappointing that today of all days none of my friends came to party with me, as there was no party. But I’ve gat something yummy for you. Go grab a pack of biscuit (biscuit? lol) or any Snack, and a bottle of mineral. Enjoy it as you read this. Lol…….


Besides wishing me good luck, long life and prosperity (Like sey, if I too prosper, your body no go hot. Some people fit get birthday three times a year…..ha-ha), some of you would have love to hear me talk about my childhood days – the days I roam the streets barefooted, even when I had five sandals at home; the days I like running after insects, knowing very well that I have no chance of catching them; the days I speak to insects, telling them to buy me bread and to tell my father that he should bring more chicken meat when next he is coming.


I know you would have loved to hear about how I and my friends use our mouth to sip from the tap or how we rode round the community with abandoned tires. I wouldn’t have forgotten the first day I met Father Christmas (Santa Claus. He was dark though), it was also the first day I rode on a horse; I’ll never forget that day.


As it is, there was no party and thank God I was spared from the claws of answering embarrassing and funny questions. So, I now can speak (in this case, write) freely.


It is common knowledge that the whole world is facing the brutal and unjust acts of terrorism and Nigeria is no exception. Thousands of people have lost their loved ones. Orphans and widows have been made out of this whole madness. Husbands have lost their beloved wives, and mothers their heart held children. People die everyday, and it’s no longer strange to look the other side and move on.


Even as you read this, it is likely that the next page you are going read will have a title like this: “Dozens killed by boko haram in northern Nigeria” or “Bomb blast kills 50 in Kenya”. The pace at which these terrorists are expanding their attacks is scary, and if nothing is done to stop them soon, they will start dreaming of taking over the whole world.


The government in Nigeria has failed to live to expectations, giving boko haram the hand to kill anybody when it feels like doing so. We all are at the mercy of these villains, so it is necessary that we take all measures at our disposal to protect our lives, neighbors and properties.


Is your church or mosque secured? Is it fenced? Is there security light around the environment, for vision at night? Does your place of worship have a watch man? What about CCTV camera’s?


The above questions should apply to your place of work, your children’s school and your house. Take a stop before you enter that bus and shopping mall. It’s better while you can, negligence will cost you more than you can ever imagine. Security starts with you and your house.


Thanks, for your time. I appreciate all your calls (though my phone was off, due to some unforeseen positive events) and messages. God bless you all.