Freedom. That’s what our fathers fought for.
Peace: the reason they never kept quiet.
Love: the only weapon they had

Are we really free? Freed from the white man’s clutch, but enslaved by your own brother.
Where is freedom? I want to know. What happened to the freedom, I was told, our fathers fought for?

Why is my mother scared of going out by day?
Why can’t our girls walk alone in the dark?
Is it now a custom for schools, homes, places of worship and markets to have high fences and heavily armed men parading as demi-gods?
Who stole our freedom,
Or was it sold out?

This is not the Africa my mother spoke to me about. She spoke to me about a place where children stay awake at night playing beneath the shining moon. A place where women are highly respected and children brought up to defend the unity of their fatherland: a place where injustice is prohibited and love rules. My mother spoke to me, about the virtues men where highly known for; honesty, truth, love, trustworthy and handwork.
Above all, they are free.
That place is AFRICA.

Africa, where is your freedom?
Was it stolen,
Or was it sold out?



    1. Yes. Even as we wait on God, it will be good to see all hands working for the betterment of Africa. We really need to re-examine ourselves, and find the real meaning of freedom.


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