Who comes in first?

The devil will always remain good at initiating and implementing futile plans. God has always been good in being a step ahead.


With time I’ve come to understand that the things people see as impossible will not apply to you, if you fail to admit the responsibility of solving it. Just leave it to God, his specialty is in the impossible.

The devil has made it a habit to interrupt my journey through success: disguising possible dreams as impossible: killing the trees the cover me (so I thought): knocking me down, in the face of my breakthrough. The devil is so good at encouraging people to fail. Are you encouraging him too?

God the master planner. I don’t know how he does it, but he is sure good at putting smiles on torn faces: giving strength to broken hopes: giving live to dead dreams: remembering those that have forsaken him and standing strong with the faithful.

When God is in charge, the devil always arrives late.
I got my admission last three weeks without stress. Good news.
I lost my job this morning. Bad news? No.
I’m resuming school on the 13th of this month and I know God will provide all I need.

As usual, the devil arrived late.

When God comes first in everything you do, the devil will always arrive late.

Who arrives late in your life?


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