Buzz! Buzz! and Buzz!!!
From afar; the rain-forest.
Down here; the middle belt.
Weak are your tiny legs,
Weary are your wings.

You have been Every where,
Yet no one remembered you ever came.
Flowering plants: “He was here, but left with dry six legs, ha ha ha.”
Your head is heavy from long work,
Yet we see no result.

Sweet honey;
None in your nest.
Busy bee, what have you been up to?
Visiting your brothers and sisters?
Your time will be up soon.

Winter beckons; summer bids farewell.
Such happened last year.
In your little rusty nest,
You must wake from slumber.
Train your hands to collect nectar and pollen.

Make some honey..
The whole world is waiting for you.
We need a taste of your sweetness.
Our throat is dry and tough.
Busy lazy bee.
Give us the feel.


2 thoughts on “THE BUSY LAZY BEE

  1. the time is near oh little bee …
    the time of merriment and exuberance…
    the need for work beckons ……
    the laziness of mind vanishes. …
    the strength of winds initiated. ..


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