My life is a gallery of events; bitter and sweet. I spent my early years in Jos with my single mother. She was my pillar, shield and remains the best friend I have ever had, even after her demise – a month after our relocation to Benue.

Growing up with a woman who wants nothing but the best for her lovely son, but unable to do so due to insufficient fund, has moulded me into the person I am today a better me.

They demise of my mother did not just changed my view about life, it exposed me to a different kind of world. A world of uncles – good and bad; aunties – generous and selfish; cousins – lovable and unbearable; a world where dreams either die or survive (triumph), depending on how you are able to cope with life.

So, you should be expecting a mixture of bitter and sweet writings coming from me. I will share my story with you and be sure to get entertained.
My experience has built me into being passionate about my homeland.

My dream is of a place (Africa) where dreams no longer die; where children do not die from curable diseases and epidemics; where poverty has no permanent tenth in every household; where girls are not forced into marriage in the name of culture and religion.
I believe that when every African child is given the chance to initiate change, building a stronger and prosperous Africa will be a reality.

Today I can look back and say that I survived the tsunami of orphan-hood; the chains of poverty; the fierce arrow of disappointment; the sharp sword of failure; the raging storm of jealousy and betrayal; the dark pit of sickness and strong grip of sin because………

The alpha and omega; the Genesis of my¬†beginning; the all merciful; the restorer of hope; the lifter of my hands and the light that now shines through me was on my side……..He is GOD.


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