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Jesus swaddled in manger

The creator lay in a manger
The hands that would heal the sick
The legs that would work on water
The eyes that all men would desire to see
The mouth that would speak spirit and life
Wrapped in the Holy cold night

The head that would wear a crown of thorn
The legs that would be nailed
The hands that would be pinned
To a wooden cross
The body that would be flogged and pierced
Laid beautifully in a manger

In that baby
Was a being that would enter hell
To collect the key of death and grave
And lead thousands of captives to glory
Now he lives in all who believe in him
Yet, He slept in a manger


It was 3:45pm, maybe 3:55pm
With new friends in a new environment
Climbing and jumping from the tree in merriment
Lost in the free will of childhood but hidden in mama’s heart
Even as her body was being devoured by venomous darts


It was the 12th day of March
“Mama wants you here son, come fast”
It was a call to prayer. A prayer for the unknown
Kneels grinded to the ground and left hand on mama
The right hand rolled the chaplet as we resorted to prayer


It was 12:00am. It was surely the 13th day March
The angels blew the blasting trumpets
And men played the melancholic strings of sorrow
“Let us pray for our beloved Sister”
It was a call to prayer. A prayer for the known

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Buzz! Buzz! and Buzz!!!
From afar; the rain-forest.
Down here; the middle belt.
Weak are your tiny legs,
Weary are your wings.

You have been Every where,
Yet no one remembered you ever came.
Flowering plants: “He was here, but left with dry six legs, ha ha ha.”
Your head is heavy from long work,
Yet we see no result.

Sweet honey;
None in your nest.
Busy bee, what have you been up to?
Visiting your brothers and sisters?
Your time will be up soon.

Winter beckons; summer bids farewell.
Such happened last year.
In your little rusty nest,
You must wake from slumber.
Train your hands to collect nectar and pollen.

Make some honey..
The whole world is waiting for you.
We need a taste of your sweetness.
Our throat is dry and tough.
Busy lazy bee.
Give us the feel.

You can also pray for Africa

May Africa find peace.
May we never bury our children.
Orphans shall not be made of our kids.
God bless Africa.

May the weak find strength.
Every wound, will find healing.
Tears shall not be our tea, by daybreak.
God heal Africa.

May the displaced, find shelter.
May the hungry, be filled.
In love; every hate is drowned.
God loves Africa.

May the wicked, fall into his own trap.
No evil counsel, shall see the light.
At last, here comes freedom.
God is fighting for Africa.

Bleeding Africa


Bleeding Africa
image credit: lastfm


Should I pray for Africa or cry for her?

Should I run to the outside world

or stay here and watch her die?

Why is everybody joining the dance?

Why is nobody saying something?

How many fathers have we lost?

Where are the mothers?

Do we still care to bury our dead?

We just pass by, looking the other way.

How many orphans have we made?

What is the future for the unborn?

Have we so soon forgotten

Our missing sisters and brothers?

What about the thousands of men

That fought and gave their lives for our freedom?

How did it happen?

who started it? who’s fault is it?

Africa, from the top of kilimanjaro

To the deep of assal your blood flows.

Drums from the south. Horns in the north.

 Swords in the west and arrows from the east;

gathered are your children,

to finish the evil masquerade dance.

Is anybody out there?

Are you seeing the display of shame?

Please call this men to order;

Before the kill the last of our kind.

Stop the drum; drop your weapons – say it to them.

Flowers will fade away
Night and day may pass away
Seasons will come and go
But God’s words concerning you
Will never die.

Friends will come and go
Rivers and streams may dry
Time will pass away
But God will never give up on you


She is a star and must shine,

Brighter than the sun.

She is the reason for every smile

and the light of our world.


We must protect her.

Child marriage is a crime against childhood,

and it must stop.

It’s her right to experience the joy of childhood.


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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I sincerely appreciate the good will messages I received (and still receiving) from you all as I mark my birthday today. My earnest gratitude goes to those who called (including those that remembered but couldn’t call); posted on my Facebook timeline and those that messaged me. It will also be unfair of me to forget Google, as it changed its homepage logo to that of birthday cakes (in pictures), coupled with a “Hapi birthday” (Yes, in Pidgin) message to mark my day as I logged in.


Its disappointing that today of all days none of my friends came to party with me, as there was no party. But I’ve gat something yummy for you. Go grab a pack of biscuit (biscuit? lol) or any Snack, and a bottle of mineral. Enjoy it as you read this. Lol…….


Besides wishing me good luck, long life and prosperity (Like sey, if I too prosper, your body no go hot. Some people fit get birthday three times a year…..ha-ha), some of you would have love to hear me talk about my childhood days – the days I roam the streets barefooted, even when I had five sandals at home; the days I like running after insects, knowing very well that I have no chance of catching them; the days I speak to insects, telling them to buy me bread and to tell my father that he should bring more chicken meat when next he is coming.


I know you would have loved to hear about how I and my friends use our mouth to sip from the tap or how we rode round the community with abandoned tires. I wouldn’t have forgotten the first day I met Father Christmas (Santa Claus. He was dark though), it was also the first day I rode on a horse; I’ll never forget that day.


As it is, there was no party and thank God I was spared from the claws of answering embarrassing and funny questions. So, I now can speak (in this case, write) freely.


It is common knowledge that the whole world is facing the brutal and unjust acts of terrorism and Nigeria is no exception. Thousands of people have lost their loved ones. Orphans and widows have been made out of this whole madness. Husbands have lost their beloved wives, and mothers their heart held children. People die everyday, and it’s no longer strange to look the other side and move on.


Even as you read this, it is likely that the next page you are going read will have a title like this: “Dozens killed by boko haram in northern Nigeria” or “Bomb blast kills 50 in Kenya”. The pace at which these terrorists are expanding their attacks is scary, and if nothing is done to stop them soon, they will start dreaming of taking over the whole world.


The government in Nigeria has failed to live to expectations, giving boko haram the hand to kill anybody when it feels like doing so. We all are at the mercy of these villains, so it is necessary that we take all measures at our disposal to protect our lives, neighbors and properties.


Is your church or mosque secured? Is it fenced? Is there security light around the environment, for vision at night? Does your place of worship have a watch man? What about CCTV camera’s?


The above questions should apply to your place of work, your children’s school and your house. Take a stop before you enter that bus and shopping mall. It’s better while you can, negligence will cost you more than you can ever imagine. Security starts with you and your house.


Thanks, for your time. I appreciate all your calls (though my phone was off, due to some unforeseen positive events) and messages. God bless you all.


Today, I had it on mind to write something inspiring, something that will make you believe that it is not over and move you to take a positive step. I had barely written a paragraph and was on the second one before my cousin called me to help her with her assignment. She was told to write Roman numerals from thirty to fifty ( her assignment for last was to write Roman numerals from one to twenty), we had barely started before my uncle came over and decided to take over.

I couldn’t get back to what I was writing immediately, so I decided to catch some rest.

Voices calling from outside: mama Joy! ( not real name) mama Joy! Mr. Johnson is dead.

Mama Joy: you don’t mean it. When? how? What happened?……
( with tears in their eyes and songs of sorrow on their lips, the hurriedly left for Mr. Johnson’s house, to share the pains of his wife and children)

So, the next few dark lines are dedicated to all those who have lost their friends, father, mother, relatives, spouse, loved ones and etc.

Death! Your cold hands have encapsulated my heart,
I seek for freedom from your grip,
But your deeds keep drowning me in tears.

Happiness is a stranger to my soul,
Smiles can’t be seen around,
And Laughter is dead.

The rain can’t wash away my tears,
The sun can’t dry them either;
It will be like tossing a piece of red-hot
charcoal into an ocean.

You have stolen reality from me,
Memories are all I have left.
Death! What was my crime?

Is it a crime to love?
Answer me!
I don’t get it. Why?
Why did you do this?

Just a second chance,
That’s all I ask for.
John, Rose, grandpa and Julie,
I want to see them for a second.
Just a second.

I know you won’t do it,
You are only good at taking,
And I know you never get satisfied.
You are like the rich man,
Who never gets tired of stealing from the poor.

May God bless the departed souls,
And protect the living.

Do not get drown in your tears and do not give up. You are still alive because you are very important and have a positive mission to accomplish. So, shake it off and move on.

With love from my heart.

Posted by Abah Linson Igoche


You’ve come a long way,
You crossed thousands of oceans,
Climbed hundreds of mountain.
You just can’t quit now,
Cross the red line.

The spears of despair,
The grip of fear,
The smell of disaster,
Ravaging your courage,
But you’ve to cross the red line.

The stress must not be in vain,
Your faith must not fail,
Hold on, you must not faint.
Just a single step; one more,
And you will cross the red line.

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Posted by Abah Linson Igoche