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Become a Better You By Joel Osteen: book review

The book “Become a Better You” by Joel Osteen, in my opinion, is a modern classic and also a regimen for effectual and productive and happy everyday life. In it, Joel inspires and motivates you to live above strongly held negative opinions and realities responsible for your present state of life.


Clearly, the writer points out your flaws. However, he also provides a practicable step by step guide to solving or overcoming them, through inspiring real life experiences, aided by scriptural quotes; thereby qualifying this book to be a brilliant guide to improving your everyday life.

I’d rather avoid describing “Become a Better You” as an ‘easy read’. Its simplicity in words and resourcefulness sums up to a cumbersome book, which will take time to finish. If you are in search for a book to finish within one week, stay away from “Become a Better You”.

Although it took me months to finish this great book; if you want a book that will help you grow spiritually and in character, I would highly recommend this rewarding book.


It was 3:45pm, maybe 3:55pm
With new friends in a new environment
Climbing and jumping from the tree in merriment
Lost in the free will of childhood but hidden in mama’s heart
Even as her body was being devoured by venomous darts


It was the 12th day of March
“Mama wants you here son, come fast”
It was a call to prayer. A prayer for the unknown
Kneels grinded to the ground and left hand on mama
The right hand rolled the chaplet as we resorted to prayer


It was 12:00am. It was surely the 13th day March
The angels blew the blasting trumpets
And men played the melancholic strings of sorrow
“Let us pray for our beloved Sister”
It was a call to prayer. A prayer for the known

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